Tunghai University holds the "2021 Agricultural Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition"

1. In order to cultivate new creative talents and develop new creative teams, the Ministry of Education and the Export Processing Zone Management Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs jointly guided, the school hosted the "2021 Agricultural Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", provided a total bonus of 300,000 yuan, and sponsored outstanding creative teams , Welcome elites from all walks of life to sign up for the grand event and take the first step towards realizing their dreams.
2. Contest registration time: June 15th to July 29th, 110, please refer to the competition website (https://iec2021.thu.edu.tw) for detailed competition instructions.
3. In order to promote and explain the goals and methods of this competition, two online briefing sessions are held. Teachers and students are encouraged to participate actively. The registration website of the briefing session: https://event.ithu.tw/2021050039.
4. For questions related to competitions, please contact Ms. Zhang from the Education Center of our school for the junior college group, Tel: (04)23590121#30140, Email: iec2021@thu.edu.tw; For the new creation group, please contact Ms. Song from the Computer Center of our school, Tel: ( 04)23590121#30242, Email: iec2021@thu.edu.tw.