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Nantai University of Science and Technology organized the "2021 Automotive Electronics Innovation and Invention Competition" activity, encouraging teachers and students of relevant departments to form teams to participate.

1. The Department of Electronics of our school is handling the event information of the "2021 Automotive Electronics Innovation and Invention Competition". Please give an announcement and encourage teachers and students of relevant departments to form a team to sign up. The key points are as follows:
   (1) Competition schedule:
   1. Start registration time: from now on
   2. Deadline for registration: 2021/8/16 (Monday) 23:59
   3. Deadline for uploading competition files: 23:59 on 8/23/2021 (Monday)
   4. Announcement of competition results time: 2021/8/31 (Tuesday)
   (2) Registration website: http://vecc.tvec.org.tw/
2. In response to the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, the competition method has been adjusted to the competition documents (i.e. plan or report (up to 15 pages), posters and explanatory videos (five minutes)) and other materials are uploaded to the registration website , And then online selection by industry experts in the field of automotive electronics.
3. This competition will focus on the design and application of "Innovative Inventions for Automotive Electronics", divided into two groups: [Innovation Concept Group (ID)] and [System Implementation Group (SI)]. And according to the team captain body division of the participating teams into high school vocational group and junior college (including graduate students) group.
4. Please refer to the competition website (http://vecc.tvec.org.tw/) for the description of the relevant competition activities and attach the competition instructions and posters.
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