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Yunlin University of Science and Technology hosted the "2021 START-UP@IDF Innovation and Entrepreneurship Subsidy Program"

1. In order to implement the promotion of the prototype practice of the Ministry of Education subsidy, integrate the development of students from the foundation of learning to entrepreneurship counseling, encourage the youth and technical college students in the central region to practice what they have learned, and promote the commercialization of innovative results. This base will guide the team in innovation The entrepreneurial process links local industries with local government agencies, and provides guidance from the base through various fund-raising channels to enter the crowdfunding platform, and specially handles the "START-UP@IDF Innovation and Entrepreneurship Subsidy Program".
2. The project is solicited until June 30, 110 (3). The relevant information is summarized as follows (for details, please refer to the selection brochure: https://reurl.cc/qm795R):
   (1) Number of selected groups: 2 groups for the newly created group and 3 groups for the practice group.
   (2) Application qualifications: At least 3 people (inclusive) form a team, and 2/3 of the team members meet at least one of the qualifications. Young people from the country can join a team with overseas youth, but the member must obtain a residence visa, and at least one person must be a national. All team members must participate in the whole process during the execution of the plan.
   1. Students of colleges and universities (including junior college, master and doctoral students) studying in Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi.
   2. Young people under the age of 35 (inclusive) whose household registration is located in Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi.
   3. Young people under the age of 35 (inclusive) who work in Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi.
   4. Team instructors: For non-essential conditions for the competition, each team instructor is limited to 1 and is not included in the calculation of participating members.
3. Subsidy content: There is no limit to the theme, but it must be a creative concept in the application of technology or design application. This competition is divided into two groups: "New Creation Group" and "Practice Group". Any team that is formed in China and meets one of the following criteria can participate in the subsidy competition.
   (1) The subsidy target of the new startup group is the innovative and entrepreneurial company that the government has filed. The products to be developed will help the domestic international, experimental, rooted and local.
   (2) The subsidy target of the practice group is a team that has not yet established a company and has a complete planning content. The product to be developed will help the domestic experimental and complete analysis of the product industry.
4. For related information, please refer to the official website of the base (https://www.idf.tw) or contact the organizer, Miss Wu 05-5342601#6005 / E-mail: i@idf.tw.
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