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The Taoyuan City Government organized the "2021 Taoyuan Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship Competition" to adjust the competition in response to the epidemic.

1. In order to encourage young people to learn more about social issues, the fifth Taoyuan Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship Competition will be held this year (110). The total prize money is NT$600,000. Through the competition, we will continue to explore potential and outstanding teams. Innovative business models to jointly solve social problems in this city and even the whole country.
2. In response to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the important schedule and activities of the competition are adjusted as follows:
   (1) Registration time: from now until 5:00 pm on June 23, 110.
   (2) Preliminary trial of the budding group: June 26, 110. (Adjusted to online processing)
   (3) Time of the first review announcement: July 2, 110.
   (4) Final time: July 18, 110.
   (5) The venue of the final: Taoyuan City Government Youth Affairs Bureau (the final will be handled in physical or online mode depending on the epidemic situation, and the latest news will be announced on the fan page of the Taoyuan City Government Social Enterprise Center).
3. The brochure of "2021 Taoyuan Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship Competition" (in both Chinese and English) and one electronic poster file are attached. Please help to publish event information and post posters on the website. If you have any questions, please refer to Taoyuan City Government The official website of the Youth Affairs Bureau and the fan page of the Social Enterprise Center of Taoyuan City Government.
4. Registration and contact information are as follows:
   (1) Taoyuan City Government Social Enterprise Center fan page: https://www.facebook.com/tycsbc.
   (2) Download the brochure: https://reurl.cc/1gaA8G.
   (3) Contest registration: https://forms.gle/AGRbRG8S4TLgDYj2A.
   (4) Contact number: (03)422-7151 ext. 26010 Ms. Yang.
   (5) e-mail: TYCSBC@gmail.com.
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